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With 17 years experience gained at multinational companies we provide consultancy services for companies who plan to expand their business in Eastern-Europe. We have been helping Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), producer of PurgeMax® to introduce their product in Europe through a small number of reliable distributors, who strengthen PurgeMax’s® presence in Europe.


PurgeMax® is a leading cost and quality performance purging solution for injection molding and blow molding use as well as extrusion companies in Asia. Over the years, Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has been actively dealing with plastic resin industries and injection molding companies, in addition to selling other forms of screw and barrel cleaning products. Most of the customers always expect a product that is cost effective, easy to use, which is an all in one solution to their existing purging problems. With Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd’s skills and expertise in the field of chemicals and resins industries, Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has managed to consolidate all relevant information and have finally developed a product that is user friendly, environmental friendly, that can be regarded as a universal product, this is PurgeMax® .

The manufacturer’s aim is to create an awareness of plastic or chemical industries. This means that whenever there is a need to clean screw and barrel with the least investment and significant savings, PurgeMax®  is definitely the core answer to solve this problem. The manufacturer stands out due to a belief that customers, and in turn their customers, deserve the best purging solution which they can fully depend on.

PurgeMax®  is committed to providing a high performance cost effective purging solution that meets and exceeds all your purging expectations. Last but not least, we hope to grow successfully together with our growing customers.

Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd manages controls and oversees the supply chain, from material sourcing and manufacturing based in Penang, Malaysia. Main distributors in the Asian market range from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has appointed Highland Management Consulting Ltd. as European agent to accommodate European customers.

We appreciate your business and thank you for the support as always.